Animation of the crankless rotors


A new efficient mechanical transmission


We are promoting the crankless technology through a program of selective licensing. We license companies around the world to design, manufacture and sell products based on the crankless drive.

Our license grants patent rights for the crankless technology.

As part of the license agreement, we can also bring the licensee up to speed in implementing the crankless drive. We can provide proprietary and confidential know-how that will significantly reduce the time to market for your crankless products. This includes plans, calculations, research results and engineering files, as well as specific engineering services concerning the crankless drive.

Our licenses are scoped by application (what product(s) are you developing) and by territory (what markets are you serving). We prefer to team up with one major partner per application and / or market.

If you are interested to find out more about the licensing opportunity for your company, please contact

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